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The video of the premiere performance of the oratorio "Our World is on Fire" (20.11.2021) has been travelling around the whole world - from film festival to filmfestival - and received in total 20 awards!

20 awards Stand 2022-09-03
On Tuesday, 13.9.2022 you can watch it in Munich at 04 p.m. in the Astor Lounge in the ARRI-cinema. It will be presented as a winner of the Better  World Filmfestival and will get screened for the audience.

Tickets are availble here:

Better World Filmfestival
part 3 (16:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr)
in the Astor Lounge in the ARRI
Türkenstr. 9
80799 München
Tickets: 01805 - 444 966
or here:

VirtualOratorio-PromoEpilogue.mp4 from Rainer Bartesch on Vimeo.

The global virtual oratorio concert has been restarted !

I did a restart of the project so even more singers can join the virtual choir till autumn 2022. So download the instructions manual including the vocal score and take part! Professionals and amateurs are welcome!

I have summarized all the necessary information and links in a multilingual PDF.
It contains the instructions in German, English, French, Itailian, Spanish and Russian. 


click to download the instructions and the vocal score
click on flags to download

The entire oratorio is now divided into four parts. For each choir part there is a unique version and then an additional version where you can sing along with the whole choir.

In order to be able to synchronize all the videos afterwards, there is a short countdown at the beginning, which ends with everyone clapping in unison. This image and sound signal can then be used to build the visual and audio tracks.

This is where you can download the multilingual instructions and the vocal score:

download the multilingual instructions and the vocal score here

In the final video of the global virtual oratorio performance I will mount all videos of the singers and musicians into a multiscreen video and I will create a great sounding concert mix.  

It looks like that:
Beispielbild vom virtuellen Oratorium

I received already the videos of the orchestra musicians and did a test mix that turned out really great. Here the first 5 minutes with just the virtual orchestra:

And here you can listen to a demo of the whole oratorio and watch an animation created by Luminous Delusion to the music.

It is meant to be screened to the music in upcoming live performances. The playback speed of the video will get adjusted in realtime to the tempo of the music by a software by Ionconcertmedia.

Our World is on Fire (Oratorio for our Future) by Rainer Bartesch on Vimeo.


click to download
Please click on the image or the download-link to download the vocal score (including all voices)!

or download the vocal score here

We are getting some reforcement from Ghana!

The great bass-baritone Michael Mensah, who lives in Ghana, took over the bass part in the solo choir of the sing-along recording!

Michael Mensah, Bass


Emmanuel Henreid (called "Onry") from Portland, Oregon, USA, will sing the grand tenor solo in the virtual oratorio concert!

More details about him you can find here.

And here comes some GREAT NEWS:

the Boy Soprano part will be performed by a member of the world-renowned MÜNCHNER KNABENCHOR, founded and led by Ralf Ludewig!

Münchner Knabenchor

The Boy Soprano Soloist in the virtual performance and in the live concert premiere in June 2021 will be a soloist of the esteemed MÜNCHNER KNABENCHOR, who's members are performing as solo singers in opera houses and concert halls all over the world!

Winner - Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

Though the global virtual oratorio project is still running and singers from all over the world are invited to take part, the oratorio "Our World is on Fire"  is already receiving the first international awards!

Thanks to the financial support provided by the German Musikfonds I could capture the live concert premiere in November 2021 in a professional way. Then I submitted this video to a number of international film festivals.

The very first one was the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival in India.
In this festival the oratorio video became the winner of the category "best Film on Nature - Wildlife - Environment". Now it will also take part in the annual competition and will be screened in the "real" live festival.