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Rainer Bartesch conducting a film music recording session

Rainer Bartesch (*1964) composes film music, theatre music and concert pieces for a wide variety of instrumental combinations.

At  the Munich Musikhochschule he studied French horn, composition for film and television, and teaching in secondary schools.

His compositions have won a number of national and international prizes. His Magnificat in modo moventium picturarum was awarded first prize at the Paradisi Gloria Composition Competition of the Bayerischer Rundfunk in 2007, his Triumph of the Phoenix won both the Silver Edda in 2009 and the Audience Award at the Pyromusikale International Composition Competition in Berlin.

The extraordinary soundtrack to Erntedank ein Allgäukrimi [Thanksgiving an Allgaeu Thriller] was awarded the renowned Rolf-Hans Müller Prize for film music in 2010 and his Wave Plays in Five received the PCM Award at the international composition competition Progressive Classical Music in 2019.

Rainer Bartesch, born in 1964, has been committed to environmental protection, a more humane society and a more sustainable economic system since his youth. Our World Is On Fire brings all of these commitments to life.

He  lives and works south of Munich, near the Starnberger See.