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The participation works as follows:

1. You choose and download the sheet music and the corresponding sing-along or play-along files using the links provided in the instructions PDF, that you can download here or in the "NEWS & more" page:

download the multilanguage instructions PDF including the vocal score here

2.You practice your part along to the playback recording.

3. When you are familiar with your part, then you perform it to the playback and shoot a video of your performance. Please use headphones, so we hear only your playing!
Don't forget to clap loudly at the beginning of your video recording in sync with the children, along to the countdown!

4. In addition to your performance video I ask you to shoot two more videos:  
a 30 second video of a lovely place where nature is still intact, and another video of a place where nature is suffering under a heavy human footprint. Slow camera pans work here best!

5. Finally, use the link provided in the instructions PDF to open the upload form, then fill out the form and upload your videos.

Here you can open the submission form to upload your videos !

The virtual oratorio project ist open for people from all over the world! New participants are warmly welcome, amateurs and professionals!

Just click on the white square to open the web form. Google might want you to create a google account. If you don't want to do this, you might just send me an email and we will find another way to transfer the video(s), for instance using or or
My eMail is:


I will produce a great concert video using your performance videos, which will then be released for the public all over the world!

I divided this 24-minute oratorio into four separate sections, each with its own sing-along or play-along files, so you don't necessarily have to join in on all of the parts. But of course you can, if you want!
For amateurs the fourth part works best, since it is not difficult to be sung and can be managed  even without knowing how to read the sheet music. Your performance doesn't have to be "perfect" ! I'm a pro sound engineer too and can do real magic!

download the vocal score here

click to download
Please click on the image or the download-link to download the vocal score (including all voices)!