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The live premiere of the oratorio was on Saturday 20 November, 07:00 P.M. in the Stephanuskirche, Nibelungenstr. 51, 80639 München

here some impressions from the rehearsal:

2021-11-19 Oratorio rehearsal.mp4 from Rainer Bartesch on Vimeo.


The filmmakers from Luminous Delusion have finished the final revision of the video projection, which will run along with the music at the live concert. Ive included the video link here to the audio demo I produced with real singers for the global virtual oratorio project:

Our World is on Fire (Oratorio for our Future) from Rainer Bartesch on Vimeo.


In addition, this is the link to the website of Winter Is Alive, a series of events in Madison, Wisconsin, where the video projection of the oratorio along with the demo recording had its digital premiere.

There you can also find the latest info about the video and the people involved:

The global virtual oratorio  concert has been launched!

I have summarized all the necessary information and links in a multilingual PDF.
It contains the instructions in German, English, French, Itailian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Persian/Farsi, Turkish and Dutch.

The final deadline for the global virtual performance was the END OF AUGUST, but I will accept all contributions as along as I have not finished the video and audio editing.
When the project is closed I will post it here.

click to download the instructions and the vocal score
click on flags to download

The entire oratorio is now divided into four parts. For each choir part there is a unique version and then an additional version where you can sing along with all the choir parts.

In order to be able to synchronize all the videos afterwards, there is a short countdown at the beginning, which ends with everyone clapping in unison. This image and sound signal can then be used to build the visual and audio tracks.

This is where you can download the multilingual instructions and the vocal score:

download the multilingual instructions and the vocal score here

click to download
Please click on the image or the download-link to download the vocal score (including all voices)!

or download the vocal score here

We are getting some reforcement from Ghana!

The great bass-baritone Michael Mensah, who lives in Ghana, took over the bass part in the solo choir of the sing-along recording!

Michael Mensah, Bass

Spectacular images for the oratorio video!

short demo of timelaps video combined with oratorio music from Rainer Bartesch on Vimeo.

At the beginning of the new year we got permission from Martin Heck, a great specialist for time-lapse photography, to include two of his videos of the starry night sky in the Atacama Desert (in northern Chile) in our video for the oratorio! As a test, I have included an excerpt of the demo recording of the oratorio. 


Emmanuel Henreid (called "Onry") from Portland, Oregon, USA, will sing the grand tenor solo in the virtual oratorio concert!

More details about him you can find here.

And here comes some GREAT NEWS:

the Boy Soprano part will be performed by a member of the world-renowned MÜNCHNER KNABENCHOR, founded and led by Ralf Ludewig!

Münchner Knabenchor

The Boy Soprano Soloist in the virtual performance and in the live concert premiere in June 2021 will be a soloist of the esteemed MÜNCHNER KNABENCHOR, who's members are performing as solo singers in opera houses and concert halls all over the world!

And here is some more GREAT NEWS:

Our crowdfunding was successful!

A big "thank you!" to all donators, especially to the ELEKTRIZITÄTSWERKE SCHÖNAU!


I can now turn my full attention to the additional global, virtual performance of the oratorio, which will be completed in the near future, i.e. before the live concert in June!