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Emmanuel Henreid (called "Onry") from Portland, USA, will perform the Solo-Tenorpart at the  virtual performance of the Oratorio

Emmanuel Henreid, called Onry
photo: Emmanuel Henreid (Onry)

About Emmanuel Henreid

Emmanuel Henreid, known as Onry, is a singer, dancer, actor, and pianist who studied opera in Ukraine and Moldova and has performed throughout the US and Europe.
He's toured with Lyle Lovett, has been a soloist with The Maui Chamber Orchestra, Oregon Symphony, and has performed with Portland Opera and American Repertory Theater. Onry is a member of the artist collective Future Prairie and serves on the board of African American Requiem with the Oregon Symphony. He is also on the Arts and Music Board of Kings School in Seattle, Washington, and the board of Active Space, a creative studio for people of color in Portland, Oregon.

Read his great personal statement about how he discovered and trained his voice and what it means to live as a person of color in the "whitest" city in the U.S. , Portland

And here you can read more about him working together with Joni Whitworth from Future Prairie, creating a short film and music EP project in order to bring awareness to the people how difficult the situation of people like him is, just to find a place to train his voice in order not to lose it: Black Opera at Portland Protests